Site Bandwidth

How much bandwidth can my site use?

Bandwidth is a measurement of information sent from and received by your site, and is measured in megabytes. For example if a single page size including graphics is 400kb, each time that page is requested you have used 400kb of the allowable bandwidth for the month. The current bandwidth allotment for sites with their own domain is: 50 Gigabytes/month, thus in the above example the 400kb page could be served over 125,000 times before reaching your quota. Sites residing under the Torello Marketing domain are limited to 2 Gigabytes/month.

What if I need more?

Additional bandwidth is available at a small additional cost. It is the rare site that requires in excess of 50 Gigabytes. Sites that experience sudden uncontrolled traffic may be limited to preserve the stability of our servers. If you are planning a national publicity campaign or expect a sudden increase in traffic, please ask us about a "high-volume" account.

How does Torello Marketing calculate these charges?

Your daily bandwidth usage is recorded. At the end of each calendar month, the month's data is collected, the highest value is dropped, and the remaining days are averaged. If your average is then over the limits on your account, an additional charge will appear on your next bill. It is extremely rare (unless you're lucky enough to have an immensely successful & popular site) to exceed the allotment of 50 gigabytes per month.